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Understanding Stock ROE: Definition and Calculation

Stocks ROE

Foldersaham.com - ROE (Return on Equity) is a crucial indicator in stock analysis besides PE ratio and PBV ratio. It measures how efficiently a company generates profit from its shareholders' equity. 

In this article, we will discuss the definition of stock ROE and the simple steps to calculate it.

Understanding Stock ROE

ROE is a financial ratio that compares a company's net income to the shareholders' equity. This ratio indicates how effectively a company utilizes the capital invested by its shareholders to generate profits.

The Importance of Stock ROE

ROE is essential as it provides insights into the management's efficiency in utilizing the company's capital. A higher ROE suggests that the company is more proficient in generating profits from the equity invested. Investing in companies with higher ROE can be more advantageous for shareholders.

Calculating Stock ROE

Calculating ROE requires two key pieces of information: the company's annual net income and the total shareholders' equity at the end of the year.

Steps to calculate ROE

Obtain the company's annual net income from the latest financial statement. Obtain the total shareholders' equity at the end of the year from the latest financial statement.

Use the following formula to calculate ROE

ROE = (Net Income / Total Equity) x 100

The result is usually expressed as a percentage.


Suppose a company has an annual net income of $500 million and total shareholders' equity at the end of the year is $2 billion.

ROE = (500 million / 2 billion) x 100 = 25%


ROE is a critical indicator in stock analysis, providing insights into a company's efficiency in generating profits from shareholders' equity. 

A higher ROE generally indicates better company performance. However, ROE should be analyzed along with other indicators to obtain a comprehensive picture of a company's financial health.

In stock analysis, it is essential to have a deep understanding of ROE and compare it with similar companies' ROE and its historical trends. This will help you make wiser and more profitable investment decisions.

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